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Learn to Read Early Signs of a Possible Turnaround… Alcoa in the Spotlight

14 Oct 2013 Posted by EricStasak

Earnings season in the U.S. represents the quarterly time of year when publicly traded companies publish their corporate earnings.  Traditionally, Alcoa, Inc. (Ticker: AA) is the first company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to report earnings and represents the start of earnings season in the U.S.   But things have now changed!  Alcoa has been […]

Re-Igniting Your Interest with the Stock Market and Stock Investing

07 Sep 2013 Posted by Eric Stasak

Start investing again… Are you finding your interest in investing re-igniting?  This can happen after seasons in our lives when we have been unable or uninterested in following the markets. When you find yourself refocusing on what is taking place in the markets, consider these points – Pick the S&P 500 as your guide to […]